Update: We wanted to make sure staff and family were informed personally. Seven Star, Rozzie Ramen and the Astro Diner will be closed indefinitely. We are hoping to have a couple weekends of service for Seven Star and Rozzie Ramen. So we can wish our faithfuls a personal goodbye, and get them a last fix of Seven Star. This is a positive thing for our family. Six years ago we opened and have learned sooo much. We learned the ins and outs of a business. We met so many wonderful people, we have grown as individuals and as a family. We have adopted some new family in the many staff members who have helped make Seven Star possible! Our families have been so supportive from day one on this crazy ride and for that we are extra thankful. My wife Michelle has been my right hand and my rock since day one, the smiling face out front. Michelle often did not receive a lot of credit but her infectious smile and eternal positivity kept me sane when that seemed an impossible task, and never stopped believing in me. Running this restaurant and having her by my side and now raising our two children has created an unbreakable bond. Ultimately we feel we have given everything we have inside of us to Roslindale and greater Boston. Not a moment has gone by where we have not tried to serve our patrons and friends to the best of our ability. Our goal from day one was quality food at all costs. Furthermore it was one of the greatest honors to work side by side with my Father Joseph. He is a man I admire has lived a life of service to others without asking for anything in return. He took the time to show me his craft and for us to bond over our love of food and pleasing others. I took a sharp turn from a career in San Francisco, to return to Boston to be with family, and eventually reunite with my Father in the kitchen at my re-iteration of Seven Star Mandarin House. A dream come true. I can walk away knowing I left it all on the cutting board. Excited for our next adventure, continuing my personal adventure, and continuing to make great food! Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you all granted this once in a lifetime opportunity!