Seven Star Street Bistro


153-155 Belgrade Ave.
Roslindale, MA


Hours of Operation:

Wed, Thurs, Sun 5-9 PM, Fri + Sat 5-10pm
Closed Mon + Tues

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XIAO CHI ( Sm. Bites)

Peking Ravioli w/ Ginger Sauce $6.95
Beef Teriyaki $8.55
Steamed Wontons w/ Sweet Soy Shallot Broth $6.55 *
Boneless Roasted Pork Strips $6.95
Crab Rangoon w/ Sweet Thai Chili Dipping Sauce $7.95
Chicken Fingers w/ House Made Duck Sauce $7.55
Orange Soy Glazed Baby Back Ribs ( 5 pieces, 1/2 or Full Rack) $10.55, $12.55, $19.95
(V) Vegetarian Crispy Spring Rolls w/ Sweet Chili Sauce $5.95
Scallion Pancakes rolled with sliced beef and Hoisen Sauce $8.95
(V) Scallion Pancakes w/ Ginger Sauce $5.95
(V) Eggplant Fritters w/ Chili Aioli $7.95
Crispy Chicken Wings $7.95


Seven Star’s Hot and Sour Soup (sm./ lg.) $3.95, $6.95 *



(V) General Gao’s Chicken $12.55 *
Hunan Sesame Chicken $11.55*
(V) Shredded Chicken w/ Hot Bean Sauce $11.55 *
(V) Crispy Orange Flavored Chicken $12.55 *
(V) Royal Chicken Delight $11.55 *
(V) Chicken w/ Shiitake Mushrooms and Asparagus $10.55
(V) Five Flavored Chicken $11.55 *
(V) Chicken w/ Broccoli $10.55

(V) Kung Pao Chicken $11.55**


(V) Sliced Steak w/ Peppers and Onions $11.95
(V) Szechuan Spiced Beef (Kung Pao Beef) $11.55 **
(V) Sliced Beef w/ Broccoli $11.55
(V) Hunan Sesame Beef $11.95 *
Crispy Orange Flavored Beef $12.55 *


(V) Chung King Pork $10.55 *
(V) Sliced Pork w/ Thai Basil $10.55 *
(V) Shanghai Shredded Pork w/ Ginger $10.55 *


(V) Tangy and Spicy Green Beans w/ Pork $9.55 *
(V) Yu Hsiang Broccoli $8.95 *
(V) Ma Po To Fu w/ Ground Pork $10.55 *
(V) Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry $9.55
(V) Wok Tossed Chinese Broccoli w/ Garlic $9.55


Kan Shao Shrimp $11.95 *
Crispy Shrimp and Scallops w/ Garlic $13.95
Shrimp Blossoms $12.95
Szechuan Spiced Shrimp $11.95 **


(V) Lo Mein Noodles w/ (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp) $9.55
(V) Pan Fried Flat Noodles w/ (Chicken, Beef, Pork) $10.55
(V) Fried Rice w/ (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp) $9.55
Steamed White Rice (Sm.,Lg.) $1.25,$3.25
Steamed Brown Rice (Sm., Lg.) $2.25,$4.25
Steamed Black Forbidden Rice ( Sm., Lg.) $2.55,$4.55


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1.25
Izze All Natural Sodas: Clementine, Blackberry, Grapefruit $2.25
Poland Spring Water: Still/Sparkling $1.50


– Please ask your server about vegetarian options most dishes can be made with a tofu substitute
– Notice: The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
– We take food allergies seriously! Before placing your order please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. Please note that due to our style of Chinese “wok” cooking there may be a risk of small traces of your allergen through shared equipment.
– We strive to bring you the freshest quality ingredients, and shop locally whenever possible.

– * Indicates a spicy dish. Most dishes can be made with or without spice. Please indicate how spicy you would like to make your dish.